Wedelia trilobata (Syn. Sphagneticola trilobata) Yellow Dot

Ruler icon up to 1 ft. high x 6+ ft. wide

Sun icon Full to part sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 9-11

Rapid growing durable flowering groundcover. These utilitarian, evergreen herbaceous groundcovers are adaptable to low desert heat and sun, all while keeping their deep green lush appearance. Bright yellow daisy blooms form sporadically above the foliage virtually all summer long. They work well for slopes and erosion control, as well as raised beds, containers or any open space that requires some lush greenery. They grow fast and do spread by rooting at nodes that touch the ground with moist soil, so give them room. They can be cut back to be keep them off walks or driveways, but they start to mound up taller, becoming sub-shrubs rather than a flat groundcover if they must be trimmed often. Although their leaves have a glossy tint, they do have a sandpaper texture, which can cause some skin irritation when handled.