Prunus cerasifera ‘Krauter Vesuvius’ Purple Leaf Plum

Ruler icon up to 20 ft. high x 15-20 ft. wide

Sun icon Full sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 5-9

Dark purple foliage with masses of pink spring blooms. These ornamental, non-fruiting trees are deciduous and moderate to fast growing with ample water needed during summer in low deserts. They are medium to small flowering accent trees that typically grow 15 to 20 ft. in Phoenix. This variety has soft, thin oval shaped leaves with a deep burgundy to purple color. If they are shaded by larger trees the foliage takes on a green hue. In spring, trees produce pink to white flowers in masses before the leaves sprout out. They are not particular about soil, although well-drained soil is best. Minimal annual pruning for shape and size is all they require.

Sophora secundiflora Texas Mountain Laurel

Ruler icon up to 20 ft. high & wide

Sun icon Full sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 8-10

Striking purple hanging fragrant spring flowers. Large evergreen shrubs to small trees. Sometimes single trunks but most often are multi-trunked.  They are slow to moderate growing which means container grown plants are slower to gain size and stature. Once in the ground where roots can grow and develop, they will more quickly gain size. Immature foliage is made up of compound, shiny lime-green leaflets, turning darker green with maturity with white pubescence underneath. In spring drooping purple to violet-blue flowers appear that have a strong fragrance, some say grape soda or sweet cinnamon. Bees and humans alike are attracted to the color and fragrance. Flowers morph into fuzzy white peanut-like pods with reddish seeds which are poisonous that can be discarded when cracked open. In low deserts, they perform best with deep periodic watering, especially during summer. Training is like any other evergreen large shrub, however bloom wood is produced in late summer the year prior, so if plants are trimmed at the wrong time, they will fail to bloom the next spring. The best time to prune is during April & May.

Tecoma stans Arizona Yellow Bells

Ruler icon up to 15 ft. high x 8-10 ft. wide

Sun icon Full sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 9-11

Big bouquets of bright yellow trumpet blooms. Big, dark green serrated leaves cover these large billowy evergreens to semi-evergreen shrubs. In spring to summer they are also covered with large panicles of bright, sunny yellow clustered trumpet shaped flowers. Pollinated flowers form large clusters of long narrow green-bean like ornamental pods, that can be trimmed off as they dry. Due to their size and vigor, plants should be given periodic deep watering to keep them happy and blooming during summer. In
winter, plants can go semi-dormant dropping leaves which is the best time to do pruning for size and shape. These shrubs lend themselves to being planted as informal hedge rows, individual specimens or trained into small multi-trunked trees or onto trellis for a flowering wall cover. They are easy to grow and very forgiving plants. Offered in bush form, as patio trees, or trained on trellis as espalier.

Tecoma x ‘Orange Jubilee’ 'Orange Jubilee'

Ruler icon up to 10 ft. high x 5-8 ft. wide

Sun icon Full sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 8-11

Large panicles of big orange flowers on evergreen shrubs. This is a large, rapidly growing shrub with an upright habit. Bright green serrated leaves on light colored stems can grow up to 10 ft. tall, but can be pruned for a more manageable size. If allowed to grow, they are easily trained into small, multi-trunked tree shapes or they can be trained as espaliers on a fence or trellis. Since the flowers are sterile they bloom nearly all year long, and are only halted by cool temperatures during winter months, when they can also drop some foliage. This is the best time to cut them back if necessary. Moderate, regular watering for the first season or two will help them get established, then regular summer irrigation to keep them growing and blooming well. They can be used for informal privacy screens, flowering hedges, or solitary accent plants. We offer ‘Orange Jubilee’ in bush form, staked or as trellised espalier. Please call our sales team for current availability.

Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree, Lilac Chaste Tree

Ruler icon up to 20 ft. high x 10 ft. wide

Sun icon Full sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 7-11

Summer welcoming lilac-like flowers. For clients longing for bright cheery lilac blooms like they had in the Midwest or northeast, this is the best option, since they are durable to both heat and drought, unlike true lilacs are. These are large shrubs to small multi-trunked deciduous trees with attractive dark green pointed palmate leaves and long wide spikes of bright blue to lilac colored flowers. These heat-loving plants are often the last plants to leaf out in spring, waiting until the nighttime temperatures are quite warm to do so, but shortly after leafing out, masses of blooms form to cover the plants in spikes of bright blue. They are moderate to fast growing which makes them easy to trim and train into spectacular individual specimens or they can be planted as shrubs with narrow spacing to create a more formal hedge or dense, woody barrier. Adaptable, easy-to-grow with minimal maintenance.