Aloe x ‘Safari Sunrise’ Safari Sunrise Aloe

Ruler icon 1-1.5 ft. high x 2-3 ft. wide

Sun icon Full to part sun

Thermometer icon USDA zones 9-11

‘Safari’ aloes are compact reliably reblooming aloes. They tolerate sun or shade in-ground with well-drained soils or as well-behaved container plants. They are small plants with a slow clumping or spreading habit. Their green pointed leaves armed with closely spaced marginal teeth, form attractive spiky silhouettes. We offer several named cultivars with different flower colors. ‘Safari Sunrise’ sport bicolored blooms of deep orange with cream. ‘Safari Rose’ produces blooms described as unique salmon-pink, and ‘Safari Orange’ have stalks of bright tangerine orange blooms that seem to glow in our desert sunshine.